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f5 Jan 02, 2004

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

1. …today?
suppose it’s still 2nd of Jan. today, I am looking forward to the release of WordPress 1.0. (already released on 3rd in Japan)

今日がまだ一月の2日だとして、WordPress 1.0 のリリースを楽しみに待ってる。(日本時間の三日にリリースされた)

2. …over the next week?
looking forward to announcing of new Mac stuff on Macworld Conference & Expo

Macworld Conference & Expo で何か新製品が発表されるか楽しみ。

3. …this year?
looking forward to seeing my lovely nieces coming back from Canada!


4. …over the next five years?
looking forward to going abroad sometimes (well, I wish I could)


5. …for the rest of your life?
looking forward to hitting the jackpot.